A "Niche" is not a Venue.

 Close-up, Fairs, Birthday Parties, Restaurant Magic, Strolling, Corporate, Comedy Clubs etc... 

These are VENUES not NICHES!

Want to become a Niche Worker?

There are Niches open that only magicians can fill...And there is a Niche waiting to be discovered BY YOU!

Our program teaches you exactly what a Niche is, and how to adapt your unique knowledge and open a profitable Niche of your own!

meet a real son-of-a-niche!

A Little Back Story

I know there are many (most?) magicians who do not know me. That’s because, even though I “was there”, Magic was never my Niche. I did the Meetings and Lectures, some Group Performances…but I was taught it was more important to be a worker than a Celebrity!

Magic is simply NOT a Niche…it is a Vehicle (and a wonderful one at that!).

Niching can take you from $450 to $4500 in a flash by being a specialist!  And that’s why I have always preferred to Niche… I have heard far too many magicians complaining and putting down the potential a magician has to earn good money. Those folks haven’t found their Niche.

How does a Magician feed a family of 10? They buy 12 Large Pizzas…. I know, my way isn’t nearly as funny, but it’s true! When we had 8 children living with us, Niching bought our pizzas…I just happened to use Magic in our Niche. 

I have always Niched….I had 2 mentors that made sure I understood Niching & the benefits of the  Value it adds.

Back in my start up days, I used Showcases in Las Vegas as my Niche. I knew that was where the buyers and scouts hung out. So I did as many as I could. Bookings from these became regular bread and butter for “The Youngest Professional Magician in Las Vegas” (which was my primary Niche at the time!).

Through Corporate “Customized Engagements” and Sponsored School Programs - to a Family Niched (“The Stringfellow Family Magic & Illusion Show”) Fair Show that won awards in 2 categories - and now 20+ years of Niching in the Casino Gaming Industry; I have kept my head down, not needing anything else to keep us busy (some of you know I have a side business of exclusive Magic Effects and the Klamm Line of Magic as well) until now…

A couple years ago it really started to bother me that magicians would talk about the poor incomes and opportunities for Magic, and the answer was right there in front of them most of the time: Niche. Voicing this pet peeve of mine to some close friends, they suggested I do something about it - rather than idly sit by and complain! I had started to develop a Lecture called “Magic In The Niche of Time” and they felt it could be expanded into a program for others.

That’s what we’ve done. We are now prepared to offer the program to the Magic Public.


Magic In The Niche of Time

Are You Looking For Your Niche?  Let us help you!  Watch the Video Below (It's not long) and then scroll to step into Niching!

Solid Products to Get you on your way to Niching:


Not "Just" Lecture Notes...It's a Work Book, Too!

Spiral Bound, Single Side Printed.  Clear Acetate Cover.


Niche Points, Habits, Misconceptions and  Designs - 

With a CD-Rom so you can print worksheets if you'd prefer.

You can make notes, complete work plans, track your progress.  

Study Niching and Apply your knowledge on your own -  or we are happy to consult with you via Phone, Skype or GoTo Meeting  to help you progress!


The Complete Power Point Show!

Almost like having Barron in your Living Room!

 Slide by Slide Barron walks you through the Lecture Notes - Play the show; pausing, skipping or reviewing to your heart's content!  Works well with the Work Book!!


90+ Minute DVD of The Las Vegas Lecture included for you!

Just like having Barron in your Living Room, but no Q&A!  

 Raw unedited video with questions and answers from the audience! We Combine the Work Book, Power Point Show, DVDs & Personal One-On-One Time with you to make a complete learning experience!  



Niche of Time

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

Notes/Workbook, Power Point, DVD (Non-Edited, Raw Lecture.  The Real Deal!) & One hour Personal Session

All 3 Tools & Personal Session of 1 Hour: $500 USD  (We can even make payment arrangements if you like)

One-On-One Consultation or Niche Building Consulting & Mentorship (Below) is available, Let's talk!  The call won't cost you a thing except time!

What would you spend on a magic trick that will sit on your shelf?




This program is perfect for someone who wants to "go all the way" with their Niche - and wants the guidance of the pros who have been there!

We work Las Vegas a Couple Times a Year. We present a program to Casinos on Regulations using our magic to illustrate (see photo above).  Each time we do, we bring home a five figure  salary for 5 days "work".  

Niching has taken us all over the Globe...getting paid for what we love to do!


We have successfully Niched Fair Shows, School Shows, Trade Shows.... using our Sub-Niching 

to carve out a comfortable position in ALREADY FERTILE PASTURES!   

We have created Boutique Niches as well!  Putting magic where nobody ever thought to incorporate it before!  

We enjoy watching students succeed at Niching & become masters at it themselves. Some of the people we have helped have opened Las Vegas Show Rooms...Some have used it to expand & excel in their already chosen fields...others have Niched into entirely new areas that they created!!

Once you understand Niching, you can create pocket Niches - what we call “Micro-Nitches” as well as “Sub-Niches” and “Boutique Niches”.   This is income that is largely untapped.

Niches excel at creating value for the client. They are willing to pay more because they know they get more.

Let us help you find and capitalize a niche of your own making!   Something that will provide you a field all your own.

We take your unique knowledge, Talent, Skills and Special Niche Super Power and help  you turn it into your own "Big Fish, Little Pond" business!

This is Long-Term, Goal Oriented hard work for you and for us.   We don't  do the work for you , we actually teach you every step of the way (Walking you through a Niche Plan, Marketing, Branding, Customizing, Booking - Everything to get you on the path) how to build it and maintain it yourself.  

That's sustainable VALUE!

Want To Chat?

This is not a decision you should make lightly.  I have seen some of the "offers" out there, and what I really want to do is pick up the phone and talk to the purveyor...but they don't feel approachable enough to do that.  I want you to know - we are approachable!  Reach out and see if what we offer is for you!

Call me at (785) 741-4258 (Leave a message if I can't get to the call please!).  I also do Messenger Calling and E-mail, too!  You can E-mail me at: