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Casino Consulting 2019 2-Day Onsite Seminars:

2019 BSA/AML ~AND~ Scams & Asset Protection Seminars

Barron Stringfellow, Bank Secrecy Act, Anti Money Laundering, Money Laundering, Title 31, AML, BSA

BSA/AML: The Truth everyone needs to know about the BSA & AML!  From How to Comply to What to do for your Audit...

We are also offering special rates for Sponsored 2-Day BSA/AML Seminars!

SCAMS & AP:  We know we show you stuff the "other" guys don't, this will be a great seminar!  We got new juice, new gaffs and new devices!


(The ABOVE are 2-Day Seminars)

Clients Can Now Get BOTH Seminars in 3-Day Format,  if you wish!

~2-Day BSA with 1-Day Scams OR 2-Day Scams with 1-Day BSA~

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2019 TGRA BSA/AML Program


A 2-Day Workshop designed to get your

 Gaming Commission Compliant with the Regs!

 The Program/Workshop is 2-Days, and all work product (yes, it is customized to YOU!) is left with you on an External Hard Drive!  


Several States have added BSA/AML Requirements to the Tribal/State Gaming Compacts; and Banks are auditing Tribal Gaming Commissions in earnest as well.

We have created a State/Bank/Federal BSA/AML Compliance program for Tribal Gaming Commissions!

We want to share it with you.... it is very easy to learn and implement!

We leave you with ALL the tools necessary to get the job done!  No computer programs, no software, no hardware required!

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SCSU Has you covered....Contact us for your Engagement!


BSA/AML Work...Training Seminars...Risk Assessment...Independent Review...We would love to be of service to your team and work our "Magic" for you!


Since 2009, SCSU has stood for Truth In Training...Excellence In Service!


We understand your business...because we come from Casino!

Real Entertraining Gaming Scams Instruction...


Athena and Barron both come from the Casino World

Real Entertraining BSA/AML Seminars...


Designed with your success and satisfaction in mind!


Barron Stringfellow, Bank Secrecy Act, Anti Money Laundering, Money Laundering, Title 31, AML, BSA

Falling Asleep During Training...

Is a thing of the past!  Barron's Entertraining style keeps attendees interested from beginning to end - - No Lecterns, Reading from a manual, no stumbling for words or statistics.  

Presented by a professional to You professionals!


You will be excited! So will yourTeam!

Stringfellow Seminars are interactive, multi media, passion filled ENTERTRAINMENT EVENTS!

Stringfellow Consulting In Asia for the AGA

Half-Way Round The World

Barron & Athena have been flown to Macau to speak about Money Laundering and Gaming Scams; as well as Australia to Speak & Train on Casino Surveillance and Scams!  Canada hosts them fairly regularly as well!

(785) 741-4258


Our Clients say it ALL!


Barron Stringfellow has passion

Stringfellow Consulting Delivers

Stringfellow Workshops, Retreats, Keynotes....they will make you feel great!




Whether it is for Training, Seminar, Risk Assessment or Independent Review... whatever your needs, we would love to discuss the solution that is just the right fit for you

We know that our clients trust us to tell them the truth... no sugar coating, no bull.  The real deal so they can be proactive and avoid the pitfalls of Gaming Operation/Regulation Compliance

Give us a call, or send us an e-mail... we will be right there for you 

                                            ~Barron & Athena Stringfellow


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