Sizzle...that's what it is

"You can feel Barron's Energy Throughout the Room!"

I AM passionate!  And that cannot help but spread on out to my audience!  We get buzzed together!

"We've seen Magic Before...THIS wasn't just was something totally...MORE"

I can understand that!  I have designed the show to be unique.  So, even if you have seen a magician before, you haven't seen my Sizzle!

"Can't quite put my finger on it. The closest I can come is believing in real magic...huh!"

I would NEVER claim to have real magical powers to enchant you with!  Or would I?!

(785) 741 - 4258

Retreat?  No Worries!  Give Barron the Subject or Focal Points and he will do the rest!

We can customize for just about ANY event!  Corporate, Awards, Academic

We enjoy making your event everything it can be!

Long Term Relationships are as important to us, as they are to you!

Barron puts your "Grand" in "Grand Opening"!

Let us create value for every promotion!

clients interested in "trip with a cardshark" please contact us for a link!

Barron Stringfellow Stringfellow Consulting Services Magic
Barron Stringfellow Stringfellow Consulting Services Magic